Erasmus & Jean Monnet Module

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A Co-funded Project

The IEUSS and SUNY Buffalo State University co-manage a three-year Erasmus & Jean Monnet Module.  The project is funded from 1 February 2022-31 December 2024.

Dr. Laurie Buonanno is the PI and JM campus coordinator. 

This is a "placeholder" page.  The Jean  Monnet Module is reported through the Institute for European Union Studies at SUNY webpages.  

Institute for European Union Studies at SUNY

EU Study Tour

SUNY Model European Union

Participate in the annual SUNY Model European Union.  Even years hosted by a SUNY campus.  Odd years at the SUNY Global Center in New York City.

Download The IEUSS Guide to the SUNY Model European Union - open educational resource containing an introduction to the EU and current challenges.

Become a member of our new campus SUNY Model European Union club.

Take Courses With EU Content

  • PSC 240 European Political Systems (fall semesters)
  • PSC 333 African International Relations (spring semesters)
  • PSC 340 United Nations & Global Affairs (spring semesters)
  • PSC 341 Government, Politics, and Policies of the European Union (spring semesters) 
    • SUNYMEU participation is a requirement of this course
  • PAD/PSC 343 European Union-African Union Partnership (beginning Fall 2023)
  • PSC 389 Topics - The Future of Europe (available to students who have completed PSC 341/special permission of the instructor). Students will conduct research and write a paper within the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe.  Students will also be provided with mentoring to prepare an application to participate in SUNY Buffalo State's annual Undergraduate Research Conference. (spring 2023 semester)
  • PSC 389 Topics:  Organizing and Hosting the SUNY Model European Union (spring 2022, may be offered again in spring 2024) 
    • SUNYMEU participation is a requirement of this course
  • PAD 401 Human Rights & Humanitarian Policy (summers)
  • PAD 605 International Public Management & Service (variable semesters)
  • PAD 700 Immigration & Refugee Policy (variable semesters)
  • PAD 704 Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy (summers)
  • European Union Study Away Experience (beginning Spring Semester 2024)

Need more information?

Email: Dr. Laurie Buonanno (Principal Investigator)

Latest information on EU-African relations

The objective of EUAFPART is to infuse teaching and scholarship about the European Union (EU) into the BA Africana Studies, BA International Relations, BA Political Science, and MPA degree programs at SUNY Buffalo State (BSC) and, through BSC’s partnership with the Institute for European Union Studies at SUNY (IEUSS), promote knowledge and enhance visibility of the EU throughout New York State. The overarching theme of EUAFPART will be the EU as a global actor, with a specific theme of EU-Africa Relations. These themes will frame the infusion of EU content into BSC courses, annual research conferences, a speakers series, Study Mission of EU Institutions, intercollegiate simulation of the EU (SUNYMEU), and an African Union (AU)-EU Summit simulation for high school students co-sponsored by BSC and IEUSS. Outreach will be to secondary and postsecondary educators (through SUNYMEU and the AU-EU Summit simulation), public and nonprofit sector leaders (course content, speakers series, SUNYMEU) and the local media. A minimum of 300 individuals per annum will participate in program activities and many more through dissemination of work products. Sustainability of funded activities through permanent EU content in BSC undergraduate and graduate courses and BSC leadership and involvement in the following annual events: SUNYMEU, AU-EU Summit simulation, the EU Study Mission, and the IEUSS research conference. Work products will consist of course syllabi for EU-infused courses, an edited book published by the IEUSS as an OER on EU-Africa Relations, 2 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and/or as IEUSS Working Papers, 3 book reviews published to the IEUSS Review of Books focusing on EU as global actor/EU-Africa Relations, a manual for running an AU-EU Summit simulation, and The IEUSS Guide to the SUNY Model European Union. Guaranteed wide dissemination by uploading work products as OERs to three websites: Erasmus+, BSC, and IEUSS.

EUAFPART Program Objectives

  1. Infuse several degree-granting curricula at SUNY Buffalo State (BSC) with EU content.
  2. Promote teaching and research on the themes of the “EU as a Global Actor/European Union-Africa Relations” at BSC and the Institute for European Union Studies at SUNY (IEUSS).
  3. Utilize experiential education to teach the EU at BSC and with IEUSS, throughout SUNY.
  4. Outreach to local, state, and federal government politicians and civil servants.
  5. Outreach to leaders in the nonprofit sector.
  6. Outreach to secondary and postsecondary educators.
  7. Disseminate work products through BSC, the IEUSS, and the Erasmus+ web platforms.
  8. Build sustainable EU content into BSC’s curriculum and by partnering with the IEUSS, to faculty and students throughout the SUNY system

See the Institute for European Union Studies at SUNY for a complete list of courses with syllabi.