Why Choose the BA IR at Buffalo State?

Because we are the only SUNY campus to offer an IR degree from the Western New York region!

Plus, we have caring faculty, a diverse student body, and various international opportunities. Our faculty love working closely with students and mentoring them with student research and internship activities. Our diverse students from WNY, NYC, and many different countries bring unique perspective s and experience s into the classroom. The City of Buffalo, with its distinct neighborhoods and diverse residents, offer various internship opportunities.

What Is International Relations?

International relations (IR) focuses on understanding the interactions and interconnectedness of nation-states and other nonstate participants in international affairs, such as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, sub-national entities, and individual citizens. Students in IR investigate the crucial global issues and agendas of our times. These global issues include international and intrastate conflicts, sustainable development, terrorism, foreign policy, international trade and economic integration, international development, international organizations, and the protection of human dignity. IR is one of the fastest-growing disciplines within Political Science, and the second largest next to American Politics.

The BA in International Relations emphasizes the conceptual and methodological tools used to understand and analyze the complexities and multifacetedness of international affairs. Students will be challenged with diverse worldviews and intense study of current global events. To equip students for future careers in foreign service, nonprofit work, international business, and global governance, the program of study requires foundational courses in IR and other relevant disciplines. The program offers students the opportunity to focus on the traditional field of international peace and conflict or the emerging field of sustainable development. The program offers training in foreign language skills, scientific, analytic empirical analysis skills, and international field experience, either through an internship with an international focus or a study abroad program.


Upon the completion of this program, students will be better prepared to enter into a professional career or further their education, having developed a broader and more informed vision of IR. IR offers students with broad career opportunities. These career choices include opportunities in foreign service, global governance in international governmental organizations, international or domestic non-profit work, corporate social responsibilities, social entrepreneurship, social and economic development work, and social change.

Not right now. To complete the degree, students are required to study foreign language at an intermediate level, and Buffalo State offers many interesting and popular foreign language courses, such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese.

No. While many of our students have a wonderful time studying abroad all over the world as part of the SUNY study abroad consortium and have visited to places, such as England, Australia, China, Egypt, and Italy, study abroad is not required. Students can get various engaging international experiences working for peace and international organizations in Buffalo and NYC.